Taxus Baccata - English Yew Cell Grown

Taxus Baccata - English Yew Trees from Tudor Lodge Plant Nurseries
  • Medium Evergreen tree
  • Cell Grown 30 - 40cm
  • Bright Red Fruits in Winter
  • Hardy - Tolerant of most soil types
  • Cell Grown English Yew Trees at our own Nurseries in Shropshire
  • Grown from British Seed

Tudor Lodge Plant Nurseries Cell Grown Plants arrive with you with their roots intact, including the very fine root hairs. There is no damage to the root system when they are lifted. This enables the plant to establish itself and flourish more quickly.

There is no need to plant only in the dormant season, Tudor Lodge Plant Nurseries Cell Grown Plants can be planted all year round including the summer as long as you keep the roots moist.

English Yew Tree. Size 30- 40cm

Tudor Lodge Plant Nurseries
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