Scots Pine Tree. Size 20 - 40cm

Tudor Lodge Plant Nurseries
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Pinus Sylvestris - Scots Pine Trees.

Tudor Lodge Plant Nurseries Cell Grown Scots Pine Trees. Grown in Shropshire from British Seed.

Pinus Sylvestris - Scots Pine
Needles normally remain on the tree for 2 - 3 years with old needles turning yellow in September / October before they shed.
Drops of sticky resin often covers the trees buds.
Flowers appear in May with the females on the tips of the higher branches and the males on the lower and exposed branches, clustered together.

The Handling and Planting of Cell Grown Plants

If the advantages of using Cell Grown Plants are to be fully realised, it is important to recognise that the final planting out can be the most vulnerable stage and root systems can be irreparably damaged if adequate care is not taken with the storage and planting of the plant themselves.

Cell Grown Plants are living things – and that whilst the root plugs provide a degree of protection, they will die, just like any other plant, if allowed to dry out.

It can take the nursery up to two years to build a fibrous root system and careless aftercare two minutes to destroy it!

On receipt of the trees, if they have arrived packed in a box, the boxes should be opened and the trees stood upright if there is likely to be a delay in planting.

If Cell Grown Plants arrive on site, not boxed and standing upright, they should be stored in a sheltered location if possible. This will reduce water loss – even deciduous trees will draw some water from the cells in the dormant season. The leeward side of a wall or a few bales of straw are all that is required.

However when the plants are received, they should be kept moist – the principle being to protect the trees from physical damage and desiccation.

When the time comes to plant, the trees should be carried on site in a method that will provide adequate protection.

The type of tool used for planting is largely a matter of personal preference. However, the uniform and compact nature of the root plug does mean that a smaller spade than is used for bare root stock can be used. Whichever tool is used it is important to ensure that the top of the root plug is covered by at least 1-2cms of the planting medium and the soil firmed around the rootplug.

For more information on Cell Grown Plants contact Tudor Lodge Plant Nurseries on 01948 841054.